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History and progress of the international conference "Radiation Effects in Insulators"

The importance of REI conference for the international materials research community can be seen throughout the history of the existance of the REI conference. REI long history A comprehensive review article The long history of REI Conference: The first 30 years (since the first one held in Italy, in 1981) was written by Paolo Mazzoldi after REI-15, held in Padova in 2009.
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The broad geographical impact supports and promotes the intensive collaboration between the prominent research groups all over the world. REI on map Although the location of the conference within Europe obviously stimulates the bigger attendance of participants due to the different reasons, the last conference which was held in China, attracted about 200 attendees as well. REI scientific interest last year This indicates that the conference has gained a stable and credible reputation of one of the most important conferences in the field.

Throughout the years some areas of permanent interest have developed, although the new ideas are always welcome at the conference. In spite of many high achievements by scientists within the REI conference, scientific curiosity, however, is not yet satisfied. The clear growing dynamics is seen in the fundamental area and the field of applications, and saturation of the interest on ionic crystals. REI scientific outcome REI scientific interest

Rapid growth of interest is occuring on studies of nanostructures.

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